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Welcome to the Science Runway. The Science Runway began as a collection and curation of exceptional stories of women succeeding in the life sciences. The Science Runway is a mentorship and education platform that encourages girls and young women to explore careers in science, STEM, and healthcare-related fields. It’s a curated collection of personal stories of women who have inspiring careers in these fields, as well as a mentorship program designed to inspire girls by showcasing the multitude of careers that are possible with a scientific foundation. The program aims to increase the number of women exploring and joining science and healthcare careers. Through a unique matching system focused on natural aptitudes and interests, the role models show girls that anything is possible with a scientific education. The successes and lessons learned shared by the mentors demonstrate how much the mentees can achieve and ways by which they can positively contribute to society. We welcome you to explore the Runway

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The Science Runway is proud to be a part of the Center For Healthcare Innovation.

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