Chitra Edwin

“There are always challenges in any career. And it is easy to look at a problem and think, oh boy, what do I do? But the important thing is as you get more advanced in your career you begin to perceive challenges as opportunities. You can be the master of the career path that you have identified for yourself.”

Kjerstin Jacobs

“However the Finnish concept of Sisu is central to my being...Sisu is a powerful, almost magical, reserve of strength, persistent determination, and resolve one can draw upon during times of hardship or to overcome adversity.”

Khaudeja Bano

“I want to positively influence girl’s lives and show them the wealth of opportunities that are open to them. I’ve learned that we just have to ask and people are more than willing to help.”

Nancy Reau

“Mentorship is absolutely instrumental in any kind of professional career. I think if you don’t have someone you can look up to and that can help bounce off ideas that you will not—your life will be a little bit harder or your path will not be as straight as if you can liaison with a good mentor. “

Vera Rulon

“To me, everything is a canvas. I am an artist. My quirky talent is drawing on whatever makes sense e.g. napkins, chopstick wrappers, paper table cloths, business cards, etc., take a photograph, then leave the drawing there.“

Michelle Larson

“I’m a late decider. I changed my major 4 times! I chose physics and tried to keep all doors open. I tried many different jobs and kept learning. I was lucky to get at NASA where I decided to move on for my PHD. I tell students to not worry. If you don’t know what you want to do, just keep at what you are doing and doors will open.”

Angela Salerno Robin

“A typical day begins with watching the local news and the Today Show. In my job being on top of the news every day is very important. I work on a number of different healthcare projects; whether it's pitching pharmaceutical companies a new drug or skin cancer awareness. I am on the phone with media all day to pitch those stories. I participate in brainstorms to help garner media attention through strategy and positioning. I'm in the office most of the day but I would love to get out of the office and be on the ground more! I like to be able to leave work and then enjoy the city and dinners with my husband, who is a chef!”

Margit Burmeister

“Life science, especially biomedical science, is changing dramatically. It is becoming much more quantitative as we start to look at much larger data sets. Medical information is now computerized so what we now have is millions of data points that if linked appropriately can give new and unique insights. The big buzzword is "big data", we train people to deal with this kind of data set!”

Colleen Dodson-Honore

“She made me fall in love with math by sharing her secrets to being a great mathematician. I still lean into her teachings. I remember she used to say, “What you do on one side of the equation, you have to do on the other.” I still use this principle in both math and’s all about balance.”

Kate Hanson

“I like that it is very entrepreneurial. When you think of something that is interesting, you have the opportunity to pursue that idea. I like that ability to be creative and pursue the things that you think are interesting and bring them to fruition. There’s a lot of different skills that go into making that happen and I like the variety that I get which is very similar to being an entrepreneur but I get to do it in the realm of health.”