Jehannine Austin

“What gets me most fired up is about communication processes and how best to engage people. For example, one of the things we were very hopeful about the human genome project was how it would change our ability to treat and cure diseases. Now it has been about 14 years later and we haven’t seen very much return on that. We have all of this knowledge about genetic variations that can contribute to the development of diseases, so I am interested in how do we best use interactions and communication skills to invoke behavior change in people? That’s really what genetic counseling is all about – it’s not just about providing information, but providing information in a supportive and counseling based interaction.”

Casey Pierce

“My mom. She always pushed me to be different and not follow what everyone else was doing. Growing up I wanted to be so much like everyone else, but I now hold dear her philosophy to just be “unashamedly me.” It definitely takes confidence and boldness, but life is so much more exciting following your own path rather than trying to fit in with the norm or other people’s expectations.”

Caoimhe Kiely

“The stereotypes still exist, even subconsciously, so it's a constant challenge to stand up for what you believe in, what you want to do, as well as for and against what's expected of you.”

Carol Sabourin

“I am the principal investigator on several contracts that we have from non clinical efficacy testing for vaccines and therapeutics. My day is primarily involved in planning studies, developing strategies, responding to request for proposals, and monitoring studies for vaccines for other viruses.”

Eszter Erdleyi

“I'm inspired by my husband. He's such a elemental force and is always saying "we can do it' and giving something a try and seeing if it works. He always pushes me along and helps me push my boundaries. If I say it's difficult, he's ready to push me to the things I never thought I would be able to do.”

Kiah Williams

“My father inspires me. He grew up in a one-room shack with my grandfather who was illiterate, but my father put himself through college with incredible sacrifices.”